Location based, onsite social networking

No Passwords

Why Business Card Suck

  • You have to manually enter it into your phone
  • New cards every time you update your information
  • Costs money to make and update them
  • You lose them all the time
  • You run out of them at the worst time
  • Not organized and a pain to maintain
No Passwords

No passwords

Addmi's unique email verification process eliminates the need for passwords. Who really wants to think about their first grade teacher every other week?

Contact Your Contacts

Contact your contacts

Phone calls, text (SMS), email and chat. Addmi allows you to choose the appropriate channel for those important calls, or notes just to say hi.

Stay in the Know

Stay in the know

All of your contact information is in place, and up to date. Friends can edit their phone numbers, emails, websites, and you'll always be current.

Privacy Control

Ultimate privacy control

Choose which information is public, and which is available to your contacts. Change or add info at any time. Privacy control made simple and clear.

Organize Contacts

Automatically Organize your contacts

Intuitively group contacts from a networking event, workplace, or a specific group of friends. Chat, SMS, or email your crowds in a single step.

Crowd Control

Crowd control

Managing crowds is as simple as managing your mobile device's home screen. Add or remove contacts from crowds and streamline your social groups.

  • Always in real time
  • All contacts in one place
  • Super fast, super stable
  • Login on any device

Never Collect Business Card Again

Instantly scan or just one click to add contact info

Once you use addmi, you will realize just how much business card suck!